A nation divided against itself cannot stand. 
Division destroys a people. Division destroys a nation. 
We must not allow our differences to tear us apart. 
Our nation and our constitution are at stake when we divide. 
What is best for our nation should always come first

when considering matters and policies. 
We do not have to agree on everything but should come together

for the betterment of our state and country. 
We as Americans need to remember that our decisions,

as a nation,  have a global impact. 
We need leaders who love this nation and will stand for truth and righteousness. We need leaders who do not have ulterior motives for why they are serving. We need leaders who are here to serve God by serving the people. We need leaders who are able to address policies, adhering to the constitution. We, the people of North Carolina,  are determined to remain one Nation under God extending liberty and justice for all. 

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We must secure our borders. When I was seven years old, I was dodging bullets and saw people killed next to me. This was due to opened and unsecured borders which allowed terrorists to enter the country and kill people. I am starting to see the same thing happening in the United States of America. You don’t want this for your children! It is important to properly secure the borders and enforce legal immigration to properly keep track of who is coming into the country.

We must also support our veterans. They risked their lives to keep our country safe. Our country needs to keep them safe by facilitating access to physical and mental health benefits. Our military protects our national security. We have a responsibility to protect them as well. In my work for a military association, I was able to understand how difficult it is for veterans to access their benefits through the VA. The level of homelessness among veterans is overwhelming. My goal is to see all veterans properly rewarded for their service to our country.

My goal is to see our law enforcement officers rewarded for their service as well. I have spoken to police officer’s wives who told me how they wondered every day if they would ever see their spouse again while on the job. 

Police officers play a big role in keeping our communities safe and they are vital. They are to be respected and honored. They are not to be blamed for individuals who commit errors. I have lived in environments where there was no law enforcement, and that meant people could be raped and killed with no intervention. We do not desire North Carolina to experience this.


We must protect our second amendment rights. Most criminals do not go through background checks to purchase a gun. Citizens should have the right to protect themselves.

Education is a national security issue. I have seen educational systems torn down to maintain power over people. The lower school system right is polluting the next generation. They are indoctrinating children to confuse them about their identity. Part of the problem is that there is too much governmental control over the public school system. It was meant to be a public school system and not a government school system.


We must also address the student debt issue. The cost of higher education has surged 538 percent since 1985. Predatory student lending practices need to be addressed. Non-profit status needs to be removed from universities that are reaping huge profits from the back of our students.

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Protecting our children is a priority. The enemy is after this generation and the next to destroy it. It is time to say enough is enough. Sex trafficking is a demonic agenda encouraged by greed. We can target this issue by God’s grace and wisdom.         I believe He holds the key solution to this issue. Efforts towards ending this industry will include securing our borders and the prevention of Illegal drugs coming to the country. Illegal drugs and the slave tracking industry work hand in hand. We should be standing in support of our customs and border patrol officials.    I can uniquely address these issues due to the fact that I have experienced the very same things first hand in the Congo.


I stand for life at conception.

Every human being was knitted in the womb by God.

Every life is precious!
I believe that women should be given various options that help them to choose life and to see that there is a better way than abortion. 
Abortion causes trauma to both mother and child. It does not only kill a human baby, but also has long term effects in the mother’s life.
Programs should be developed and encouraged to walk women through their pregnancy journeys and to help them in their decision making process. Adoption agencies should be reformed from the ground up. This would remove all kinds of corruption and make the adoption process easier for parents who desire to adopt.

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We can improve the economy in North Carolina and the United States with strong leadership who would return us to being energy independent. This can be accomplished by expanding access to our own natural resources and providing incentives for renewable energy. We need to also start saving as a state for hard times.



Inflation is not solely an economic issue but an abdication of leadership. I can relate to hardworking Americans who are now facing the rising cost of gas, food, and living expenses. We need leaders that would have a heart for the people and put them first with policies that are pro-American worker. 



I’m aware that agriculture is among North Carolina’s largest industry, and I believe that politicians need to pay much attention to this

I will endeavor to help provide services that promote and improve agricultural, agribusiness and forestry,  to preserve farmland and natural resources for the prosperity of North Carolina

It will be my goal to support services that promote and enhance production marketing and distribution of agricultural products and to ensure good stewardship of farmland, natural resources

There are too many regulations that restrict farmers from selling to local markets

I would work to facilitate access to local markets for small family agribusiness

I also support measures to preserve environmental quality and enhance health for agricultural communities

I have a friend who grew up on a farm and her father and most of his brothers were farmers. Mot only her father, but aunts and uncles died of cancer due to being exposed to harmful chemicals all their lives


I wish to see North Carolina a leader in the nation in area of plant and animal health, food safety, and consumer protection