My name is Debora Tshiovo

I am a conservative Christian running for the United States Senate, to serve North Carolina. After earning my degree in political science, at the University of Maryland, I interned with a United State Senate campaign. Through Common Cause, I testified on the floor of the Senate on behalf of students. I was also privileged to attend Congressional and Senate hearings on behalf of American veterans.

 The following are some of my other achievements:

  • Lobbied in support of environmental issues through Earth-Share.

  • Spoke to a number of federal agencies, including the CIA, FBI, Census, Pentagon, US Supreme Court and more, about the importance of supporting environmental issues.

  • Served as an election judge 

  • Worked as an administrative assistant for the International Monetary Fund and Fleet Reserve Association.

  • Traveled to El Salvador on a sister state initiative to work with local government and met with the President. 

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