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Rise & Shine America


My Story

It is time to Rise and Shine, America. We must work together for the unity of our nation. As a child, I saw how divisiveness and hatred for one another reduced respect for life. A nation divided against itself cannot stand. I am seeing similar threats to this nation.  At age seven I was dodging bullets. You don’t want this for your children. I'm prepared to confront these national security issues.

My Values

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and get my orders from on High. As I have been praying for this country, and waiting on the Lord to hear His instruction, the Lord has impressed on my heart the issues of Unity, National Security, Education, Prison Reform and Abortion.


We are not fighting a physical battle, but a spiritual one. At the rate that things are going in this country, it is not man’s wisdom and human strength that will change this country, but the power of God!

I'm willing to serve God by serving the people of North Carolina at the U.S. Senate.

And I will stand for Truth!


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